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Frequently Asked Questions

About Landscape

What is Landscape?
Landscape is a code quality inspector for Python codebases. It inspects your code to find errors, possible problems, security issues.
How does it work?
Every time you push code to your repository, Landscape will check it out and run various Python code quality tools, such as pylint, over it. It accumulates and filters the output of all of these tools in order to give you a high-level overview of the state of your code base.
How much does it cost?
Landscape is free for open-source repositories - that is, for publicly available GitHub repositories. There are paid plans for private repositories and for organisations - see our pricing page.
I found a bug - how should I report it?
Please report bugs on the issue tracker, including a screenshot of the bug if possible. Thanks!


Do you support BitBucket?
Not yet, but it is on the roadmap. If you have a burning desire for BitBucket support, send me a messages or add a ticket.
What if I host my code myself?
Landscape is currently only built to deal with GitHub, however a future feature will be the ability to attach to any git repository via SSH or HTTPS, at which point you will be able to use your own code host.
Do you support private repositories?
Yes, we support private GitHub repositories. This requires a paid subscription - you can see the pricing and features, and each plan comes with a 14-day free trial so you can try it first.


Does Landscape work with Python3?
Yes, see this section of the configuration documentation.
Why do I get “Syntax Errors” for my Python 3 project?
By default Landscape assumes Python 2. You must either specify python-targets in your configuration file, or have a file with appropriate trove classifiers. Read more on the configuration documentation.
My repository doesn’t show up!
If your repository is not in the list on the ‘add a repository’ page, this could be for two reasons. First, if you only recently added it to GitHub, Landscape may not have synced your account yet. You can force a resync here. The other possibility is that GitHub has classified the language of your repository as something other than Python. You can show these additional repositories using the filter on the left side of the ‘add repository’ page and select “Language: Everything”.
Landscape doesn’t show all of my organisations!
Not all GitHub organisations allow Landscape access by default, and this is the default for new organisations. You or an admin of the organsation will first need to enable Landscape on GitHub and afterwards, get Landscape to resync your account.


What is Prospector?
Prospector is the tool underlying the code inspection of Landscape. You can read more on the prospector page.