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GitHub Permissions

Public Repositories Only

Landscape tries to request as little access as possible for users of the free, open-source version. No write access to code is required. The following GitHub permissions are requested:

This allows Landscape to see all organisations you belong to, even if your membership to those organisations is not public. This is so that you can see repositories for that organisation which are being checked by Landscape.
Landscape requests your email address in order to send you notifications about checks once they run, and whether code quality improved or not.
GitHub sends notifications to Landscape via HTTP hooks which inform Landscape when a new commit has been pushed. In order to create these automatically, Landscape requires admin (create and delete) permissions for hooks.
This allows Landscape to post updates to pull requests using GitHub’s status API. This includes permissions to update the status of private repositories, but does not allow access to private code. GitHub does not have a public-repository-status only permission at this time.

Private Repositories

For users with private repositories, complete read and write access is requested. GitHub does not have nuanced permissions for private repositories.

One problem is that you can only give Landscape access to all private repositories. If you belong to multiple organisations, this can be difficult as perhaps not all will want to allow that.

In this case, you can ask the administrator of the organisations to enable approved applications - this means that the organisation administrator can create a whitelist of which applications are allowed to see their private repositories. It is not enabled by default.